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Monday, January 16, 2012

There was five - five years ago! DIESEL Motorsports

Hard to believe we started this venture five years ago, a lot of miles and a lot of time has been spent building DIESEL Motorsports. This motorsport association was not built alone, but we the help of many business people who have become friends!

Out of the 22 sponsors for this year we started out with 7 sponsors five years ago and of those five faithful companies remain with us.

All of the sponsors listed above are considered friends of the business and have signed as multiple year sponsors for DIESEL Motorsports. Their influence has help build and directed the sport for diesel racing and pulling.

Fluidampr is the official endorsed product of DIESEL Moortsports for dampers. Their loyalty has been unshaken as the economy has gone up and down along with supporting us. Their product is part of our SFI rules by providing a safe SFI spec damper for our diesel engines, when we crank the engine past OEM standards their product holds the entire engine together - literally! Just this last fall their owner offered an unbelievable opportunity for our business in order to help build our business.

South Bend Clutch has been instrumental in building the pulling market since those trucks rely on their clutches to hold while pulling down the tracks. I have never seen a customer service department as dedicated to the sports as SBC. They have chosen to work with many different competitor throughout the years and their owners has helped us with advice regarding the sport. SBC was the first sponsor to sign up for the business and the first every year to sign.

Industrial Injection has been there for DIESEL Motorsports every year through support and business direction regarding the sport. They are currently the official injector and turbo but most people know any of the products Industrial Injection manufactures is of top quality and made in the US. Many hours have been spent discussing the diesel business with their owner Brady throughout the years. A nice family business where all of the family is involved from sales to bookkeeping. 

Pure Diesel Power was one of the early sponsors who called and asked what they could do and immediately supported a class and then later an event. Two young people who have traveled every year with us to many of the far reaches of the country to help build the sport through their pulling trucks and diesel business. I don't know how they do it sometimes driving the hours that they do in order to make it in time for the pulls. They too have helped in advice regarding our sport and business, true supporters during the years.

New Era Diesel - A diesel shop and business that is owned by another young couple that have become part of our family, friends and business. The owner Chuck Rucker is now our race director and controls the rules, races and schedule for the drag racing division of our business. Chuck and his wife has helped us every year during the events and in-between their regular business hours guiding our direction. Every business needs young people that can carry on the sport well past our years and what a nice couple to do so than New Era Diesel.

Gene and I have relied on quite of few people throughout the five years and these listed above have been there at all times for the business and sport. Does it all relate to their business, of course it does! They realized early the value in helping guide and design the business that helps build their business. Anybody who says they are doing it to build the sport and not money is not being truthful, however the passion that these people project for their business and the sport are unsurpassed by anyone. 

The past few years have not been easy for any business and who would have thought we decided to start a motorsports sanctioning body during the worst economy since the depression. The sponsors above not only helped us but stayed faithful when others doubted our direction and compassion. That is why we call them friends of the business!

I will feature all of the sponsors who have signed during this next week in the blogs, they are all special to our sport!

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