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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Every year more sign up . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Every year we have been in business more and more companies wanted to bring their products into the diesel marketplace. They needed a company who could help market, pre-sell and reach the niche market of diesels enthusiasts. They picked NADM for a number of reasons but the most apparent is creditability and marketability, we are the only licensed sanctioning body for DIESEL Motorsports - legally!

We carry our own SFI status as a sanctioning body and not an affiliate sanctioning body, which means that an affiliate can only use a true sanctioning body's ruleset. We carry our own insurance for all liability and coverage, not just the track, we carry the same amounts as NHRA or IHRA.

Companies like to know they are covered by insurance if anything happens on the track or with the crowd and it's a licensed business for racing and pulling.

The companies who signed up the second and third year are not only big in the diesel industry but all motorsports around the World.

Carrillo Connecting Rods
Carrillo is known around the World for their products and it didn't take them long to produce some well needed heavy duty connecting rods for our diesel market. Their racing products have always carried a long history of quality and durability and what a bunch of nice people to work with on a yearly basis. I now know of quite a few racers and pullers using their products and are reporting great results.

ARP Automotive Race Products
ARP was already needed badly by all of our competitors for their head bolts but they felt they needed more exposure because of the imitation bolts being used in the marketplace. Make no mistake, ARP's products are easily marked and can be identified as the real deal for durability. They have been a supporter of DIESEL Motorsports for quite some time.

Keystone Automotive/1800Autoparts/A&A
They are one of the country's largest distributors of aftermarket automotive parts and they wanted to get into diesels, what a better way than to hold one of the largest DIESEL ONLY shows in the country in your back yard - East Coast Nationals! A 160 ft tent full of diesel products for sale at below regular pricing, mix that in with DIESEL ONLY drag racing, sled pulling and dyno - great times!

Mahle Motorsports
Met them four years ago at the SEMA MPMC conference where I found out an old friend from many years ago was their new Motorsports Director! I asked immediately why they didn't make special performance pistons for diesels, they were making some custom ones but wanted to design specific performance pistons for the normal diesel performance enthusiasts. They did just that and now dominate the market for performance pistons for diesels.

Victor Reinz
They are part of Mahle/Clevite but they have their own division for the gaskets. Victor Reinz is a World wide name that was acquired by Mahle just a few years ago and they are now making performance diesel gasket sets! Make sure to ask for them when visiting your local part store, they make the best gasket sets designed for performance with our diesels. You will start seeing more of them on our high end diesels!

What a great group of sponsors to support our sport, show our appreciation by supporting them when you buy products for your next rebuild or upgrade!

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