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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Now that DIESEL Motorsports is growing up and joining the Mainstream . . . what to think about!

You know years ago when I got involved in DIESEL Motorsports I was asked to give a seminar on what should the competitor's teams do to get sponsors involved and how to look professional. Maybe a few of you remember that session held in Indianapolis, I think there was about 30 people attending.

I said then that we were a small group compared to the rest of the automotive world and no we don't have the funds it takes to look like NASCAR teams, you can do things on a small budget that will get you noticed and what National Marketing Professionals are looking for when viewing your proposals.

Have a clean appearance and have your team wear matching t-shirts, hats with team name and sponsors on shirts. Properly display sponsors's decals on trucks and trailers even if they are the organization's sponsors. They like to see that you don't mind thanking those who help the sport. Take professional photos of your truck, accomplishments, wins and personnel in order to send them updates periodically. Prepare a yearend report stating accomplishments, wins and appearances in National publications, ads, flyers, etc. They look for creditability, and NO liabilities during an event!

Do you have insurance for your race or pulling team and truck during competition and traveling?

Does the competition you are competing have proper insurance for liability in case of an unfortunate accident?

It is sad but in today's sue happy society the corporations have to look for what is safe. Think about it, motorsports, safe, the two do not normally go together. That is why the insurance is so high when we go to buy the polices that make us legal.

DIESEL Motorsports has tried to make that liability smaller for the companies and the competitors by being the only sanctioning body with SFI approved rules!

That means we have the legal rights to rent facilities and use our own SFI approved diesel techs at events. I know a couple of other promoters are using alternate SFI status which means they can use other SFI rules with permission from the organization. That doesn't make them a sanctioning body legally because they are using someone else's SFI rules and insurance. NHRA will allow diesels to run but not set records because they do not have diesel classes. When you are using NHRA SFI techs they do not have the status to set diesel records.

Our insurance covers the fans, facility, competitors/pit crew(not their vehicles) and our staff for all liabilities based on using our SFI approved ruleset. That is why when we are asked for a "free for all" class at events we have to turn it down, that would not be covered under our sanctioning body insurance.

This is important for large companies, they want to properly promote their companies products without worry of being sued by somebody at the tracks. Using the track umbrella insurance covers the track's liabilities, which is not the promoter, his sponsors and the competitors/crews. They cover their track, their sponsors, fan base and their personnel - that's it!

Even when we are running our programs in with someone else's (track or other organization's event) DIESEL Motorsports buys our own insurance for additional coverage. You almost have too in order to be legal and fully protect who we are representing.

It's just good business!

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