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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Support your local DIESEL group!!!

When we started DIESEL Motorsports a few years ago there was not that many diesel events to attend in order to compete with your truck. As the sport is growing and more become interested in what you can do with your diesel truck there are more and more local diesel events and clubs!

That is exactly what we wanted to happen, more local events so more can participate and less travel is required for the diesel enthusiast. 

Check with local fairgrounds, drag strips and clubs for a diesel event near you, I know we will soon have several affiliate group's schedules and small local series running in many different states. 

The plan we had set up in the beginning is working, more local events and large National events regionally at different times of the year that are DIESEL ONLY!

We get requests every week for more localized series and events, those asking for structure, insurance, SFI techs, marketing and exposure. DIESEL Motorsports is here for that very reason.

Check your local listings and starting next week we will be posting local events.

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