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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Are YOU covered . . . for liability? While competing!

We have many different diesel shops outfit their shop trucks to compete so they can win and draw business to their shop for performance upgrades. It's part of our business, DIESEL Motorsports draws individuals and shops to the competitions so the fans can see how fast their trucks can either race down the drag strip or pull on the track. The bigger, badder the truck is the better showcase for their shop's ability to produce top trucks. Our top three classes in competition for racing and pulling is 80% diesel shop trucks who are there to compete against each other to see which shop can produce a winning truck.

Question:? Is your truck and the competition covered for liability?

Meaning if anything (god forbid), a mishap occurred during competition and people get hurt, will those hurt come after you or more important your business?

If you think your normal auto insurance covers your activities you are dreaming, any activities during competition is not covered and you will be cancelled for coverage if you try turning in a claim.

Your normal business liability insurance will not cover such activities, plus you sign a waiver at the track. Who covers your activities? . . . the track? Their insurance covers their liabilities, their property, claims against them and their business, it does not include you!

It's a horrible subject to bring up and I'm not trying to scare anyone but in our sue happy society what does get covered when a mishap occurs?

Lawyers are pretty methodical when it comes to looking for money, they first go after the track, and then the association. When that is exhausted they go after the sponsors (the bigger dollars) and then go after the smaller dollars which is the shops.

I'm bringing this up because as we go more mainstream and more events in our sport are held, more eyes will be watching the activities during competition. If something does happen the sharks tend to come out for fresh feeding.

Most local events at fairgrounds, associations, clubs and dragstrips carry liability insurance that covers their business, their sponsors, and their fans. That's a blanket liability policy that is the norm for the industry, very few companies offer such coverage (less than a dozen). 

Be aware your truck and your shop's activities are not covered under that policy.

DIESEL Motorsport's policy covers the norm as I mentioned above but we went a step further and cover the crews (not your truck). We carry the same policy as a NHRA track at all of our National events plus the crews. You can never be too careful in our eyes, that is why we are such sticklers on safety!

If your shop or you need coverage during competition contact DIESEL Motorsports, we can put you in contact with the right people for coverage. It's something to think about before the season starts!

Plus you may want to check if your next diesel event has proper insurance coverage before you compete, sponsor or display your business? It's just good business.

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