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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rebel - Part III - Spreading the Word!

The main attribute of being a successful Rebel is to have a cause and a direction!

DIESEL Motorsports has a cause and a direction with thousands of diesel enthusiasts behind us, helping us pave the way for a new motorsport. The silent majority they try to label our group's presence, we are alright with that label.

Usually those who are silent are working and making headway at what they are working toward. DIESEL Motorsports embraces the people who makeup our group and it matches our business model. Not flashy, no big brags, no large claims, just business as usual.

DIESEL Motorsports takes your story to the automotive industry from September through April at industry trade shows.

The automotive industry needs to understand our group in order to embrace our sport, how to relate to them, how to sell to them and what products are they going to purchase?

We take your story to them! Call it lobbying, marketing or providing information, it's what is needed for our sport to grow. The more I can get the industry involved, the more people will come to the events, more companies will sponsor and more media will highlight our sport.

DIESEL Motorsports attends one to two major trade shows per month during those months to promote the sport and our segment of the market. We pass out over 35,000 flyers and literature during that time period with our sponsors on every piece from Los Angelos to NYC to Orlando!

Wait a minute, I just mentioned the two coastlines . . . that's right! We do attend shows in the mid part of the country but many of the major manufacturers are on the coastlines, and I want them to get involved with our sport.

Why . . . ?

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