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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Are we being watched??? DIESEL Motorsports!

Of course we are being watched!

We are being watched to see how professional as a group are we going to act during events and back out on the roads.

When the mainstream automotive groups realize there might be something to our growth then all eyes become focused on everything we are doing. They want to know what kind of group is this DIESEL Motorsport's people?

On the track, we should carry on as usual and have fun with our diesels, just like we always do! This is what makes us as a group unique and our own. Yes, our diesels smoke at the track, it's part of the show and we dial up for competition. That's what you do with performance vehicles!

When we leave the events and back out on the road we should act like any responsible motorsport enthusiast, we obey the laws that we live everyday and respect other people's property. We dial the trucks back down, tune it for the street, no smoking the intersections or burning the tires on the streets.

That's what they are looking for! How professional are we as a group and how are we going to act back out on the streets.

And it's not just us, this same attitude was given the muscle car crowd many moons ago.

At the track we are considered off road/exhibition by the government agencies and other motorsport's organizations. Under our sanctioning rules we can run performance competitions with our diesel trucks. Burn your tires all you want inside on the track, tune up your diesel and run hard drag racing, pulling and dyno. Show others what you have done with your truck, we are all proud of our personal trucks.

Most outsiders don't realize that over 99% of our pulling trucks from 2.6 class and up are trailered trucks that could no more be made street legal nor would you want to drive them on the streets. 99% of our top three drag racing class trucks are trailered to our events and again would not be driven on the streets.  Only one street class in pulling and two in drag racing would be considered street driven trucks.

But realize, we may not be new to us, however we are a new segment to the mainstream so they will be watching for a time!

Let's give them a show and let them know we are a responsible group who enjoys our individual rights to build our trucks the way we want!

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