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Friday, February 10, 2012

Rebel-Rebel - DIESEL Motorsports!

Yes it is a song by David Bowie, that's not what I'm talking about! It's the attitude of our diesel youth and diesel enthusiasts.

Think about it!

You can't tell me I can't drive a big vehicle.
You can't tell me I can't get 20mpg while towing.
You can't tell me I can't put big tires on this truck.
You can't tell me I can't lift this truck so I have to climb into it.
You can't tell me I can't make a 7000lb truck run a 12 second 1/4 mile.
You can't tell me a 4-wheel drive truck can produce 800 HP.
You can't tell me my truck can't pull a 30,000lb sled down a dirt track

YES, most of what we do with these trucks goes against all logic and good reasoning in our society. How we look and act is conservative and yet not. We are mostly politically incorrect most would say, most believe in guns, hunting, fishing, enjoy outdoor living, roasting red meat abundantly, and drinking lots of fluids.

Most of our diesel enthusiasts comes from close families and they raise close families. Most are religious in some form or fashion and they rely on each other. There is a reason most of the diesel activity is in the Midwest States, farming, rural living, diesel truck manufacturing, and the LIFESYTLE!

Yes our LIFESTYLE brings us together and the diesel trucks are part of it.

I have had more than one track owner/manager tell me that our crowds are the most well behaved they have ever had at the tracks. They said if we ask them to move or park in that direction they do and say "yes sir"! They are telling me this as a compliment, I tell them heck yea they have respect for people and their property and if they didn't their daddy would take them behind the wood shed for a lesson!

I was quite shocked to see so many Rebel flags represented at our events and we were not in the South! I have seen these in Northern PA and OH (they were not Southern trucks either)!

It's the Rebel part of us that started this great country - the United States and I would have to say the spirit is alive and well with our diesel enthusiasts. I write this because I am proud of our group and what they represent, their lifestyle shows it on their daily posts on Facebook. I actually enjoy reading about how our crowd lives plus the frustrations they face daily and the support they get from others all over the country. As you can tell I'm one of them adding my two-bits in time to time.

Yet we may be Rebels, but you won't find more loyal patriots to our great country than our diesel enthusiasts. When they chips are down they are there for us and the country.

I'm writing this in a series so I will continue Monday as to why I'm writing about this. HINT: When on the two coasts talking to automotive industry leaders some did not have a clue why diesel and what are we about? They know we buy their products but they don't understand us, hhmmm I think that is going on a lot these days on the two coasts.

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