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Monday, February 13, 2012

Rebel -Rebel Part II - DIESEL Motorsports!

Yea I know I'm profiling our diesel enthusiasts, I call it demographics when it comes to marketing and selling our sport! It's the working crowd of the Midwest, I tell our manufacturers that our enthusiasts have money to buy what they want for their truck.

Are they flush with money, not particular, we just don't have the materialistic values that many have on the two coastlines. A $150 pair of jeans would be a joke when we can get Levis or Wranglers at Walmart for $35 and they last longer. We will spend big dollars on boots because we wear them for work and keep them for 10 years or longer - and not for a fashion statement.

Do they live in big fancy houses? Some do, but most not because our houses in the Midwest are pretty moderate compared to the coastlines, especially the cost of the homes. As long as it is comfortable they are generally happy and it houses their family.

Now when it comes to the trucks! The American dream is alive and well when talking about our trucks. It's the pride taken for what you have worked hard for and own. It can be a rusted out pickup with bald tires but our guys will compliment the owner on what he has done to the diesel engine or vice versa. It's a work in progress for most of these owners and they add something to it when the funds become available. In a couple of years the truck is a show piece and runs like a well tuned race car.

Each individual gives their truck it's own personal look or customize it to fit their lifestyle.

There's that Lifestyle thing again, keeps popping up as to what best describes our diesel enthusiast. If the two coastlines design their marketing and sales based on the people around them they will be missing the mark when selling their products!

I have asked most of the sponsors to come to a couple of events to get the feel of what kind of people come to the events. It's the only way they are going to learn about who they are selling their products to for their company. I asked one of our large sponsors what his tech reported when he came to a couple of events this last year? He said the people who came to his booth drilled him on the products and were very technical regarding the product. He just found out our guys and girls know a lot about their trucks and diesel!

DIESEL Motorsports is just not a licensed sanctioning body who put on events, but also a marketing company who educates the rest of the automotive industry about our sport.

More tomorrow . . .

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