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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The NEW Diesel Truck . . . DIESEL Motorspots!

The year ended and all three Auto makers announced increased truck sales for 2011! Diesel truck sales increased, a lot of it in fleet. However we are seeing more and more newer diesel trucks on the road and at events.

Why? For those who use their trucks for work they know they can only push the old one so far until the repair bills out weigh a monthly payment. It is simple economics, especially in today's economy.

So what can be added to the new diesels that can improve performance and make it a fuel efficient truck.Actually a lot is available for those with new trucks!

With increased new truck sales comes the report from manufacturers their business is picking up. It's only natural, past figures can show that more monies are spent on vehicle's accessories and upgrades within 90 days of purchase of a new vehicle(see SEMA market reports).

As the vehicle gets older the amounts go down on upgrades, the newer the more money is spent.

Maybe things are looking up for diesel truck owners, more is always better than less!

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