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Monday, February 20, 2012

Is it Real or Memorex? DIESEL Motorsports . . . ,

For some of you too young to remember that catch phrase, it was used to sell the quality of cassette tapes for stereo use (even for those who remember cassette tapes)! Ella Fitzgerald sang a high note and broke some crystal wine glasses and you were to believe it was her singing or was it the taped music.

It was quite effective and soon everyone was using it to compare what was real in every day living situations. Slight of hand, smoke and mirrors, optical illusion, there are a lot of definitions for the same analogy and it applies to what we hear today regarding our diesel marketplace.

With the use of electronic communications through web forums, Facebook, texting, Twitter,  everything moves at a super fast rate compared to the old technology. The past few years it has also meant that information that is not true travels faster and grows the farther it is communicated.

That is why so many companies hate the forums, it starts with some kid who doesn't know anything but wants to make like he is a big man on the internet, and makes a wild claim that is not true and off it goes!

The people in the media and marketing laugh that if the Internet had a truth filter it would be half the size it is today!

As always through the Winter our competitors and wannabes tell false stories about DIESEL Motorsports and as always, we run through our normal schedules, list our sponsors and continue on with our programs.

The one thing you can count on every year is that we don't announce anything until the contracts are signed, the sponsors are sold/signed and the TV has an exact date and channel it will be telecast. No smoke and mirrors for us and when we tell you we plan on doing something - it gets done exactly as we described.

We ARE the only sanctioning body for DIESEL Motorsports with full accreditation and insurance for every event! We have our own SFI Techs, we can rent NHRA or IHRA tracks and run our DIESEL rules/classes without interference from the facility. 

No one else can claim or do what we are doing . . . is it Real or Memorex?

DIESEL Motorsports® looking forward to a great 2012 season!

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