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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exhaust pointed upwards - not a new rule but enforced! DIESEL Motorsports!

We have had a couple of questions regarding the NEW rules posted last week regarding that exhaust needs to be pointed upward (90º) during competition. This is not a new rule, always has been in sled pulling and was put into drag racing last year.

The reason is simple, move the smoke coming out upward so it will not fog the lights and equipment at the drag strip and to keep any debris from broken turbos from going into the crowd at any event!

It has been in sled pulling from the very beginning because of the close proximity of the crowd with the short distance the truck travels has the highest risk of blown turbos and the particles shooting straight out into the crowd. Years ago there has been fans killed from the debris blown from turbos and now the insurance companies require it. Think about it, a side exhaust is at what level if a turbo blows and shoots small metal particles out of the exhaust?

Remember we are a SFI Insured Sanctioning body for DIESEL Motorsports - safety! The other groups and promoters do not have to follow the same rules because they are not a sanctioning body. They follow local pulling rules or insurance and at the drag strip they use NHRA techs and rules. NHRA does not have rules or classes for diesels so they just tech for gasser safety. But then again that is why so many different tracks do not want diesels running at their facilities. 

That is why DIESEL Motorsports is trying to change that attitude by being proactive and show them we care about safety and their equipment/personnel by pointing the exhaust upward. Set precedent by example, that's what a sanctioning body should do is show them we are responsible competitors by being safe!

Plus, not that drag racers complain but we have had several voice concerns that the track did not properly clock their time correctly. In most instances it was because the smoke fogged the lights and made the equipment malfunction. With turned up exhaust it takes that out of the argument with a legitimate complaint. Most drag strips now have the rule if you fog the lights and your opponent complains he can have you DQed and eliminated. I don't think any competitor would want that to happen.

We are not saying EVERYONE should run stacks, we are asking if you compete bring a clamp-on turn-up exhaust tip! Does this cause problems for those who run dual exhaust or those who have spent big money on a fancy exhaust tip - it sure does! 

But as a think-out of the box group like our diesel guys we should pride ourselves by coming up with a simple but effective clamp-on turn-up tip for the exhaust. I tell our sponsors all of the time our guys are creative and inventive when customizing their diesel trucks, yes, I am bragging about our diesel guy's mechanical abilities!

I know most guys who have already done so did it by spending $25-$90 for a simple turn-up that they can clamp on to their tips. That is a pretty low cost to compete and show the industry we know how to adjust to the conditions. 

I will tell you duct taping a dryer exhaust pipe from Lowes will not work for obvious reasons!

Several of our sponsors (Flo-Pro) and shops carry turned up exhaust tips so they are available online (Alligator They will have them available at the events at their trailers and booths (PureDieselPower, Lil Power Shop, New Era Diesel, etc.) among others so you can easily purchase one this year.

It is just being a responsible sport and that we care about others involved at the track whether it be the track officials/equipment or the fans who have come to watch our sport.

Is this a rule we have thought about carefully, of course we have! We do not want to give any reason for a beginning diesel guy to compete because they do not have a turned up exhaust tip! I have seen pullers run their truck down the track and then run their tip back to their friend to use on their truck pulling. A little harder to do in drag racing because of the number of runs, but it's about coming to the track prepared and compete in a responsible way. 

It's winter and you have a couple of months to be creative or to find a tip to purchase to bring along to the next diesel event. Use it at your local event even if they don't require it, show them you are setting an example by being a safe diesel competitor!

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