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Thursday, May 16, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports - what have we built?

I found a flyer the other day cleaning out my files from the first year we started National Association of DIESEL MOTORSPORTS!

We had 5-6 sponsors and held five small events with sled pulling and drag racing as separate events. We wrote new rules for the sport with safety and performance in mind for diesel pickups. We filed the rules with SFI and purchased insurance as a operating sanctioning body.

Now I've been told throughout the years that being a sanctioning body doesn't mean much to the competitors that attend the shows but it does matter to the sponsors. Creating a safe environment for competitors where limited liability in motor sports is very important to businesses who are constantly worried about using the other "L" word (lawyers).

Plus the past couple of years I have had several competitors thanking us for keeping the rules consistent  and fair for all who compete in DIESEL Motorsports. Gone are the days when competitors come to the starting line with a beer in their hand. Making the shows safe and a pleasant environment for families was another goal that mainstream companies like to see from a sanctioning body for motor sports.

Another portion of the business many of the fans and competitors don't see is the marketing arm of the business that drives and sells the sponsor's products and services. Throughout the years DIESEL Motorsports has spent a large portion of our yearly budget marketing the sponsor's products at trade shows and on trips visiting WDs, dealers and other motor sport shows.

DIESEL Motorsports now has over 25 sponsors with multiple year contracts which assures the industry of continuing growth for the sport. Many of the sponsors have pledged testimonials as to what a great job DIESEL Motorsports has done to promote their products and produce positive sales growth within the diesel marketplace.

Some of these companies started with one or two products for the diesel marketplace and has grown to many different products for our diesel pickups.

DIESEL Motorsports saw years ago that we can't be everywhere at once as the sport grows so the board voted to having 4-7 larger combined shows throughout the US. The smaller shows were transferred to local diesel chapters or associations that DIESEL Motorsports helps with promotions, marketing, insurance, SFI certification, and advertising. Combine the shows and they have grown to over 50 events Nationwide.

What a difference from when we started over 6 years ago! It's like the old advertising slogan "you've come a long way baby"!

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