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Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports - it is a business!

When we started this venture over 6 years ago we wanted to conquer the world of diesel trucks. We had many high ideas of how this would be accomplished and made a 5 year plan.

Well we are in our 6th year and we have now made an additional 5 year plan up to the 10th year. After two of the country's worst recessions and high hike of fuel prices we can say we are still in business and have broken even almost every year.

We have seen a few set backs in the diesel industry but have chosen to market around those problems and continue to build on our original plans.

We have seen the costs of the events almost double in 6 years including all aspects of the logistics of putting on the events.

Most people don't know the correct costs of these shows but they are from $25-65,000 for a one day show depending on the event. Our insurance alone shot up 30% last year! . . .  and we have never had a claim!

So most people don't understand it's a business that need to turn a profit (or close) in order for us to be around year after year. Is our decisions always popular, most likely not, but until the other people want to step up to be responsible for the dollar outlay then we need to continue what we have been doing for the events. The buck stops here is not a catch phrase.

Our future plans are to have a major diesel event in every month of the year somewhere in the country, expand the affiliate events from 50 to 100 events, and expand into foreign markets for our sponsors's products.

Yes, those are pretty high goals but we never thought we would be where we are currently at in the marketplace just 6 years ago.

We have learned a lot in the the years of putting on these events, and we have gone through some changes but it's always been for the improvement of the sport.

It's like the old advertisement - you ain't seen nothing yet!

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