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Thursday, May 23, 2013

The future of diesel . . . in DIESEL Motorsports!

As always every summer the price of fuel has gone up, it's expected! It does make normal working people cringe because it digs into your pocketbook.

Why is diesel more since it takes 1/3rd less crude oil to produce - because they can get it, the trucking companies need diesel to deliver our products all over the country. Today's stocking systems are based on three day inventory of all produce/food and 60 day on other products. The trucking companies keep their trucks running 24/7 in order to keep up with the demand of consumers.

The big oil companies and the government(taxes on fuel) make a large fiscal budget on trucking companies use of diesel. Why do you think when fuel goes up your local groceries goes up in price? It's passed right on to the consumer.

As most of you know the semi trucks are lucky to get 5 mpg during use and most trucking companies spend millions in dollars filling their fleets.

Now pass that use and abuse down to the consumer who uses diesel for their daily truck it gets expensive. I don't see this letting up anytime soon since we have not found nay replacement for semi trucks nor improved technology for that transportation mode.

I am excited that some domestic vehicles are hitting the consumer market again this fall, Chevy Cruze, Grand Cherokee, etc. Europe and Asia domestic vehicles and trucks are mostly diesel, only here in the US are we still using gas as the main fuel.

As long as the semi trucks need diesel to truck our goods across the country we are safe in having diesel available to us, however at what cost per gallon?

We have seen this effect the events and shows so that is why we have chosen to split the big shows up per state so people will not have to travel as far in order to participate in the sport. This also helps promote and spread the word regarding our sport of DIESEL Motorsports.

Supporting local clubs, associations, and events also helps spread the popularity of DIESEL Motorsports. No one else is investing their funds toward the local diesel shows. DIESEL Motorsports helps where we can and yes, our budgets are limited too!

Whether you like what we are doing or not it's the direction our Board (sponsors) have helped us layout in order to spread the excitement for our sport of DIESEL Motorsports. This will help us get to mainstream US and regular diesel vehicle owners while offering safe insured diesel competitions for diesel enthusiasts.

Not everyone understands our direction but it is for the advancement of diesel technology and sport.

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