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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The diesel season is almost here! Can't hardly wait . . . DIESEL Motorsports

For those in the South a few events have happened but the Midwest is prepping for the early events to start during May!

DIESEL Motorsports has some affiliate events this month starting with one in the NW this weekend, one in MO next weekend and I will be in Muncie next weekend for a diesel drag race. Plus many more after that along with other diesel events not associated with DIESEL Motorsports.

One thing I ask diesel enthusiasts to remember, it's been a long winter and we want to blow off some steam and rev the trucks up, keep it real by being responsible! Respect other people's property and rights no matter what they are driving, they are there for the same reason as yourself - just to have a good time.

Look around you before speaking or yelling in order not to offend someone or their family. Have some fun but not at the expense of someone else.

I know this sounds like preaching but it is time for our sport to grow up and become mainstream!

That means being respectable and showing people we have professional competitors and enthusiasts. We need to start highlighting our top racers and pullers to the public.  This attracts sponsors for the competitors as well as making the sport look credible.

We can still bring the coolers, grills, trucks and hang out having fun, just do it taking in the consideration for others around you.

I can tell you it's exciting to see so many different diesel events now being held by other fairgrounds, promoters, counties, clubs and associations. When we started DIESEL Motorsports 7 years ago there was very few and most events diesel had to integrate in with other venues.

Let the fun begin with early events in May and bigger events like Haisley's Thunder in Muncie June 21/22!

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