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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports is a way of life . . . people live it!

What I mean by that is they use their diesels for work, hauling or for recreational activities - they use them because they can out pull any truck on the road. The torque output of a diesel far out reaches the gas engines.

Since the diesels are used during their life it becomes a fascination with the sport of watching what other people do with their diesels in performance and customizing their trucks.

Yes there are brand loyalties for the three different trucks but it is still diesel! I have seen killer trucks in all three brands that I would own myself at anytime.

I still saw at the first diesel event of the year in Texas last month the passion of local diesel owners coming out to watch the diesel trucks. They still bought parts from vendors, they still cheered and yelled for the competitors - nothing has changed since the EPA discouraged altering newer trucks.

Not on a local level, maybe the diesel truck owner saw the value of his truck go up if he owned a pre-2007. The show went on as usual and trucks came from two states away to compete and watch.

I even saw some new vehicles that inspired anyone that loves diesels, like the Cumstang pictured below! Yes there are a lot of new diesels being built and will be featured at the shows.

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