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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Who needs good suspension on trucks?

The correct suspension tuned to your trailer load or weight can save your truck's mileage, engine, suspension and possibly your LIFE!

You tune your engine for more horsepower, tune it for pulling a heavier load! You add heavier brakes for stopping power (hopefully SSBC), and heavier bumpers/hitches to handle the heavier trailers!

Why wouldn't you add heavier suspension that will handle the extra loads? Here's a better solution . . . add one that you can adjust when you have heavier loads.

We have all added heavier suspensions but when we are not pulling or hauling anything they ride like a lumber wagon (so the saying goes)!

One of the endorsed sponsors we added this year that I am really excited about is the Firestone Ride-Rite line of suspension solutions. They have every level of suspension Air Bags, shocks, and adjustable systems that will fit most diesel trucks on the market today.

What's really nice about them, most mechanically minded diesel truck owners can install them!

I visited their facility last year after Thunder in Muncie, their headquarters are on the North side of Indianapolis. They took me for a ride in their fully loaded system diesel truck that adjusted itself depending on the road we went on for different conditions. No sway, no heavy jarring or hard stops, just a well controlled truck that we all need when we add extra horsepower and trailer heavy loads or haul heavy loads.

Take the time to study each level of products they offer for your truck. Remember it's your life when you are driving down the road with a heavy trailer or load. Prepare your truck like you would when adding performance parts, or brakes, or tires and anything else that requires more than the OEM equipment can provide while operating your truck.

Look at each product below:

Work-Rite - Click Here!

Ride Rite - Click Here!

Sport Rite - Click Here!

Coil Rite - Click Here!

Air Rite - Click Here!

Level Rite - Click Here!

Firestone will be at Thunder in Muncie with a full display and their awesome truck. Their systems are the best on the market and backed by unbelievable research for quality and performance.

Come out to see them, you'll be amazed of what they can do to your OEM suspension!

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