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Friday, April 5, 2013

Don't STOP NOW . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

I'm referring to how addictive the sport can be of adding parts and accessories to your diesel truck. It can never be the biggest bad ass truck there is because there is no end as to what can be done to a truck!

You can make it look good, then comes the performance, then comes the electronics, then comes the tires/wheels, then comes the suspension . . . BIGGER is always better . . . RIGHT?

Look at what one our enthusiasts who won the Texas Fall Nationals Best of Show last Fall has done to his truck! I featured his truck yesterday in the blog!
Now that was just 5 months ago and the winter months at that, but he does live in the South which helps with weather conditions. He has made a few more improvements!

Now his truck was one of the most tricked out newer trucks I have seen for quite some time and I only estimated the dollars spent at around $135,000 in the Fall! Now look at what he has done to the truck and he isn't finished yet!

He sent me a proposal where several companies are now helping him improve his truck and will send him to SEMA in Las Vegas to display his truck for the show!

But he is not done yet!

Below is what he wants the truck to look like when he gets to SEMA or you can see it again at the Texas Fall Nationals October 18/19th in Denton, TX.

Now even I have to admit Curtis is putting more into his truck than the normal guy can do in a lifetime much less than in a year! But I'm using this as an example of how alive our industry has become and what the normal person can do with his truck. I will start a series of the poor man's truck soon as to what you can do to a truck.

I applaud Curtis for his enthusiasm and love for the sport for building such a fine truck! This is happening in every city/town, every county, every state, . . . around our country and we are proud to be a part of it!

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