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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Drag Racing Series . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Some of you may have heard me say sled pulling is where the majority of diesel motorsports trucks makeup our sport. This is taking in the consideration of the heaviest concentration of trucks are in the Midwest and pulling dominates the sport in those states.

Diesel truck drag racing is growing and we are starting to move some of the numbers in it's favor by getting local tracks to have a local diesel truck night once a month! We have quite a few tracks now running a diesel truck program and a few earning points in a series.

Most of these truck nights have very low fees for you to run, anywhere from $10 to $30 for running 4-5 passes. It is still a good way to meet new truck owners and see what they are doing to their trucks plus make new friends. 

We have several new tracks offering the programs so check back weekly to our event calendar for truck nights, the tracks are just now releasing their schedules.

If you care about the sport you may want to clear your calendars for these nights even if you are not going to race just show up to watch. The track owners take notice of the trucks so they will want to continue the truck programs.

It's the only way to build diesel truck drag racing for your local tracks who then will want bigger diesel events to be held at their facilities. Get your friends together on Facebook or Twitter and have them meet you at the local track!

We have a series starting in Texas on April 26 and in Muncie Indiana on May 11th! Bring your trucks and get in the game of building the sport!

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