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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sticking to what works with a long time history . . . what does that mean?

When things get a little tight people tend to look for bargains or cheaper alternatives, when it comes to parts for your diesel truck it could prove disastrous.

There are a lot of cheaper look-a-like products coming out of China the past few years and the old saying "you get what you pay for" is what happens most of the time with these products.

Now if you like working on your truck and like replacing parts every 6 months to a year the savings could work for you. But let's look at say a turbo, there are a lot of cheap China turbos on the market even under American base companies who have had strong names with other products. However, they are not that much cheaper!

Good turbo - $1800, China turbo $1300! Okay you save a little but when a blown turbo can damage so many other parts of your engine are you really making the correct purchase? Is it worth the gamble - you get what you pay for!

This same scenario applies to injectors, pumps, pistons, clutches, dampers, etc, there are companies who have been building these parts here in the US, stand by their products, and have qualified personnel who can help you with the products. 

When you rely on your diesel truck for work or a living then you want a reliable product that will not break you down. 

This last fall when the tuner market went South I saw a lot of companies try and diversify by copying or selling some of the import parts under their names. "Caveat emptor", let the buyer beware, many of us were taught this phrase many years ago in economics 101. 

Do your research, talk to local shop mechanics (not keyboard mechanics), listen to their experiences and make a purchasing decision based on what you have compiled. 

You can start with the products we have endorsed on our web site as product sponsors. We only take products that our competitors and shops have approved for use and purchase. The companies stand behind their products, most are made in the US and they are widely used in our industry for a reason.

If you are proud of your truck and want it to last a long time (the reason most of us buy a diesel) then purchase long lasting quality products from companies who have been in business longer than 5 years!

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