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Monday, April 22, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports - all about sled pulling or drag racing?

I hear all the time DIESEL Motorsports does sled pulling better than drag racing! I think this is a rumor started by other promoters who want to discount our efforts. Let me state we are the only sanctioning body who are doing drag racing and sled pulling correctly for safety!

Having a bunch of racers showing up and running does not constitute a GOOD EVENT! Having your own diesel SFI techs, rules and insurance for diesel trucks is doing it correctly. 

DIESEL Motorsports has been doing sled pulling the same amount of time as drag racing and we have combined most of the events because that is what draws the crowds. If we are doing it wrong then how come other promoters are now combining the events and trying to mirror what we have done successfully for over 6 years?

DIESEL Motorsports does put extra effort into attracting the street trucks who like to drag race by offering the highest purses for the lower classes. Why do we do this? Because it's the street trucks who are buying the sponsor's products, the sponsors funding allows us to pay more monies out to competitors.

DIESEL Motorsports pays out right after the event, competitors go home with a check! We know that many of the competitors rely on these funds for fuel, expenses for the trip and repairs (sponsor's products) needed for the next week.

The sponsors DIESEL Motorsports is proud to represent are with us because we MARKET to the consumer that helps them sell parts! It helps the local diesel shops sell parts, service diesel trucks and add performance upgrades seen at the shows.

We want the diesel truck owner who is driving their trucks daily to attend the events and watch the trucks perform - racing or pulling!

DIESEL Motorsports is about a diesel truck lifestyle which includes pulling, racing, dyno, and show-n-shine competitions at the shows! Plus the shows are only half what we do in the marketplace for diesels.

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