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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Change is good - every year? The old guard still stands. . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Since we started this business over 6 years ago we have seen many changes in the marketplace and many people come and go!

But then again, we have seen the more stable hard working people and businesses remain in DIESEL Motorsports. It's the people who has stayed with us a long time that have changed with the market who reap the benefits of being persistent. What started out as a barrel fire business at a local track has turned into a multi million dollar business with steps being taken to go mainstream.

Still the number of people who own diesel vehicles and the number who participate in performance diesel is very far apart - less than 3%!

We are starting to get noticed more because of the expansion of the business and the number of parts and service sold by businesses.

Companies who have stayed strong with DIESEL Motorsports like South Bend Clutch, Fluidampr, Industrial Injection, Flowmaster, Carrillo, Mahle, ARP, Victor Reinz and many more who came later, they have worked with us to build a solid business model.

Some of the competitors who have remained in the business for years still compete with DIESEL Motorsports and continue to attend. Famous names in the industry like Haisley Machine, Calvin Miller, Shawn Hodges, Wayne Greier, Jeremy Denson, Lamar Burkholder plus many more in the pulling circuits have been pulling every year to help build the sport. Some of the racers from the old days of Muncie are still racing, like Lucky Dog Layden, Bruce Block, Steve Bohatch, Jeff Dean, among many new young racers have made the sport exciting to watch.

I remember last year I took a pretty young girl who wanted to drag race better over to Jim Layden to train her on some finer points at the light! When I got back I asked if everything was better, Jim replied smiling, yes but where was she 20 years ago! lol They had a blast racing that day and yes she did get better.

When everyone has a goal of making the sport better and does not make it about themselves, those are the people who are going to be around for many years. We have seen it over and over throughout the years, as long as we care about each other the diesel sport will continue to grow.

The others are short lived and soon forgotten by everyone, we have too much going on to slow down so we pass many right on bye!

Looking for a great season to develop with some new trucks along with our old friends and their trucks. It's a family of diesel fans and competitors who have taken this to the next level.

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