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Friday, October 19, 2012

BIGGER mainstream companies are now taking notice of DIESEL Motorsports!

Is it a good sign when larger companies are noticing the growth of DIESEL Motorsports and wanting to join by making products for our marketplace?

Some of the older diesel crowd would not like it because they felt they have always dominated the market with their products and services, but the younger newer crowd always wants change and progress.

Progress always brings in better/newer products and services. If larger companies see a market grow they too want a piece of that market for their business. They may already make similar products that can be modified for diesel use. If that is the case it is a easy transaction with the chance of future growth and dollars back into their company.

DIESEL Motorsport's extended growth must have caught some attention since larger manufacturing companies are calling to inquire about the sport. Upcoming trade shows should be very interesting for our diesel enthusiasts, we have had several new companies request meetings with us in order to find out more about DIESEL Motorsports.

A growing sport into mainstream US has always been our goal and to make it bigger nationwide, so by getting inquiries gives us hope we are moving in the right direction.

Good things are coming!

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