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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Looking for the right parts . . . for your diesel truck!

As I'm headed to SEMA on the plane I start thinking about the many different manufacturers that will have their products on display at the show. I'm hoping to find some new diesel performance products for our enthusiasts.

The one thing that I will be looking for which seems to be quite important to our members nowadays are the products made in the USA!

So many different manufacturers are buying China parts and slapping their name on it trying to pass them off as American made. Well we know that many of our products are made in China and if not, their components are made in China. 

It's hard to find parts made in the USA anymore but they are becoming more predominent in our diesel marketplace. I see the American Flag on many of our newer products and I see those products selling very well.

Many of our sponsor's products are made in the USA!

I have had many diesel mechanics tell me they don't want cheap China made parts because they get tired of changing them out for free in their customer's trucks. Doesn't do much good to make the sell on servicing a truck if you have to do the work three times over and over!

The manufacturers who do make their products here I tend to try and push their products more because I know it gives our diesel guys jobs that are local.

What's more important than giving our diesel enthusiasts jobs and selling those same products to our marketplace.

Beware of the companies who are buying cheap China knockoffs and selling them under a name that claims they are American. Ask where the parts are manufactured . . .  you might be surprised!

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