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Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIESEL Motorsports - Does it matter to be safe or sanctioned?

Ask the normal street racer and they will tell you they don't care as long as they can race their diesel truck! Ask a puller and they will tell with reservations that they don't care as long as everyone has the same rules for the classes!

Knock on wood, this sport has not had an accident that would harm anyone and we hope it never happens. Being safe helps keep our sport alive and away from the two big L's - lawyers and liability!

With motor sports it is always a major concern for all involved, the track, the sponsors and the competitors. I have asked before how many of our race or pull teams have insurance to protect themselves?

If the event does have insurance it protects them and their sponsors to a certain point. The competitor signs a waivor that releases the event promoters from any liabilities from the competitor. So that leaves the competitor with no coverage or protection from the L's.

If the event is not sanctioned the track does have insurance but it only covers the track and their signed sponsors, not the event promoter or his sponsors.

Why do some trucks get DQed at non sanctioned events? Because they have to run under the track rules which is there for their insurance safe guidelines. Go too fast and you don't have your truck certified or a roll cage and you get DQed.

At DIESEL Motorsports this is all taken care of at the tech station since we have our own diesel techs, diesel rules and insurance that covers our rules. When we run an event we rent the facility with our insurance which allows us to control what is safe and how the race or pull is run for the competitors.

Who it matters to is the sponsors! They are big companies with many people that rely on them for jobs, product, and many times shareholders. They hate the two L's with a passion and that is why DIESEL Motorsports was started may years ago is to provide a safe environment for diesel trucks to compete under their own rules.

Yes we live in a world where rules are needed for our own protection. How safe is your truck and how safe is our sport going to be in the future?

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