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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When will we take DIESEL Motorsports serious???

Do we want mainstream America or automotive motor sports to take DIESEL Motorsports seriously as a motor sport?

How did NASCAR, NHRA and others make the jump into a serious featured sport?

They all started as grass roots racing, NASCAR came from running moonshine in fast cars! They all started as get togethers with drinking, women and showing off their vehicles.

Once they started racing with organized rules, large sponsors, safety equipment, the parties seem to disappear, but they had a much larger fan base once they made the jump.

Why? Because they appealed to mainstream America as a sport.

When will diesel enthusiasts make the jump? Is it coming anytime soon or are we going to the wayside like the Sport Compact racing crowd and others?

There are a few racers and pullers who make the effort to appear as professional teams in DIESEL Motorsports. When will the diesel fans join their ranks?

The competitors realize their teams are a business and it takes lots of funds to keep doing what they love to do as a sport. Some have called and asked for help with getting more sponsors. They wonder how does DIESEL Motorsports get the corporate sponsors?

We get them by conducting ourselves as a business with sanctioning rules for safety, insurance and controlled events where mainstream America can bring their families to watch this new sport.

Realize DIESEL Motorsports and all the other diesel events have only reached less than 5% of all diesel vehicle owners in America. Think about that for a minute.

DIESEL Motorsports takes our sport seriously, when are the competitors and fans going to take it seriously?

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