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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

How BAD or Good is current DIESEL fuel???

Today's diesel fuel at most outlets is a very low quality if you compare it to the diesel fuel in European countries (source Shell Fuel). 

Today's diesel fuel is a stripped down version of the European diesel fuel and even watered down with bio fuel depending on which state you are traveling through when purchasing fuel. The stations have less maintenance than before and much of the fuel has water content in it and some even add that to it.

Do you wonder why after 20,000 miles your diesel truck doesn't seem to have the same power or pickup like it used to just months before? 

It's the fuel sediments and gum content clogging up the entire system, the injection pump, the injectors, etc. It's the unburned sediments left by the bad fuel especially if you run your truck in heavy traffic and low speeds that eventually can damage your truck's engine components.

I tell all diesel enthusiasts to run additives in their fuel at least every other tank! That is why DIESEL Motorsports have partnered and are happy to announce the Peak/Blue Diesel additives as a NEW sponsor.

These experts know what they are talking about since Peak produces such industry standards like Blue Def, Final Charge and Fleet Charge.

This NEW line of diesel additives are as follows: Blue All Season Diesel Boost, Cold Weather Diesel Anti-Gel, Cold Weather Emergency Diesel Thaw, Clear Guard, Micro-B-Gone and Agri-Clean!

I had a local diesel shop test it on their 2012 Dodge shop truck, and after just 2 weeks of using the Blue All Season Boost they found a quicker response from their truck along with an additional 2 mpg according to their truck data!

This will tell you how important it is for your truck is by the exhaust and the performance from your truck. I even tested it in my old 12v Cummins Dodge and found it had a quicker response and the exhaust cleaned up when I stomped on the pedal. Now it still smoked a little because it has over 268,000 miles on it but there was a lot less than before I put the additive in the tank.

Yes it is expensive to add more to it at every full tank but how long do you want your motor and components to last?

Again I tell people at least every other tank should keep your truck clean and running efficient. Come by our shows and DIESEL Motorsports booth, we will have samples this year!

Or you can pick this new additive up at local stores that normally carry diesel additives such as:
O'Reilly, TSC Tractor, Menards, Orschlein, Home Depot and Auto Zones.