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Friday, August 17, 2018

Sturgis Bike Week - Truck Show review! Bigger & Better coming 2019!

You ask why would you hold a truck event during bike week? 

The drag strip owner told me all of the bikers are getting older and they haul their bikes up to the event on trailers, haulers, semis, and RVs!

On the way there on I-90 I passed countless trucks with trailers/haulers with bikes on them (10 hour drive for my old truck)!

Plus many of the bikers I talked to were auto enthusiasts who wanted to come and see the trucks show and race. You have to think after so many years they have ridden their bikes to see the local sites such as Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse!

So they need some more activities other than the night time bars every night! How about a motorsports event where they can show and race their bikes, look at some killer trucks and even bring their trailer trucks to compete for fun.

We met the local diesel shops from the area and they brought their friends to the event with promise to bring even more next year.

We may be looking at a sled pulling track and dirt drags included in next years event. Plus more classes for racing and show-n-shine including bikes, gas trucks and semis from local dealers.

This area during this time of year is alive and fun with many fun things to see and experience. Rooms and hotels are hard to find around Sturgis but Rapid City has many to choose from during Bike week. 

I stayed in Rapid City on the East side and had many activities surrounding Bike week plus it only took 30-45 minutes to get to the track during peak times. The rooms were very reasonable and even had shuttles going up to Sturgis.

The entire area is very friendly including the bikers attending! Most have gotten older and are very nice to visit with during the event! They are proud of their bikes and don't mind talking to you about them including their other vehicles.

Yes, the event has mellowed out and has become commercialized like all good things but it is still a lot of fun and much to experience.

DIESEL Motorsports will be back next year and hopefully provide another form of entertainment during Bike week.

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank Sturgis Dragway for a great 1st event during Bike Week and their employees! What a nice group to work with for the show on Friday and Saturday! It was a little warm but by evening it cools off quickly making for fun evening shows. Below are a list of the winners including some photos! Next year will be bigger and better so watch for announcements.
Heads-Up Drag racing
Joel Morris - Champion
Levi Krech - 2nd

ET Bracket
Ken Kimball - Champion
Jim Layden - 2nd

Larry Bennett - Best of Show
Levi Krech - Best Dodge
Cody Packer - Best Ford
Wyett Bears - Best GM/Chevy