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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Interesting . . . 2015 season!

The way the season is shaping up for diesel competitions around the country I would say it will be a perfect time to get into drag racing and pulling with your diesel truck!

Why? I have never seen such high advertised purses from everyone holding an event, it's great for all involved. That means more dollars circulating in the market to buy our sponsor's products.

It's still a tough economy so I can relate to those who have a truck looking to compete. The biggest question is can I fix it if it breaks?

With these big purses the events are paying out I would say yes you can, but I do tell most people you do this for the fun of it and not to get rich. Most hobbies are that way and building a diesel truck to compete is expensive, however using your truck in the street classes to compete does not mean big repairs or dollars spent.

In the ET Class it is not how fast you go but estimated time to run the 1/4 or 1/8th mile in your truck. We have had 17 and 18 second trucks win the race because they are more accurate in estimating their exact time consistently. It's all about having fun!

Same way in the Workstock Pulling Class, if you can pull a 5,000 lb trailer then you can pull in that class. Get in the game and win some of that money that is being offered.

I always tell the competitors go and compete and take the promoter's money because I know they will buy diesel parts from our sponsors.

It's all about competing in the free market, competitors should just have to worry about can I win and can I fix it - not who is putting on the event.

DIESEL Motorsports always pays at the event with a check and we may not have the biggest purses but they are consistent at every event. Keep in mind DIESEL Motorsports puts on 6 regional events not just one and we support over 60 affiliate events all over the country. 

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