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Monday, September 7, 2015

Trucks, trucks and more trucks . . . gas & diesel . . . because that is what's selling!

I just got back from the Performance Warehouse Association conference and the WDs were looking to buy products that are for trucks! ALL trucks!

That's because they follow what the masses are buying and what will sell at the retail level. Trucks are used for work, pleasure and families, a multipurpose vehicle. With trucks being designed as a four door and most ride as smooth as cars anymore, plus they will still haul or tow large loads at anytime.

They do cost more but most people look at resale values and trucks always retain their values better than domestic cars. Diesel trucks really retain their value in the market place. 

The buyers were looking for products that enhance the trucks but they have to be legal for the market. Mostly because the attorneys have warned them to only sell what the government considers legal for use on trucks because another WD in OH was penalized by the EPA for selling illegal products just last month.

Is it worth the risk, can they do that to a free marketplace? Yes they can and consider the penalties you will have to incur for selling the products.

It's a crazy environment we live in today and even though we may not agree with the majority sometimes -  it is the law which they will enforce. 

I'm writing this to tell what I witnessed at the conference as a warning and as a positive to shop owners. It was good to see the WDs wanting to buy products from manufacturers for trucks both gas and diesel. It's supply and demand so the days of truck accessories, performance and maintenance is back as it was in the 80s and 90s.

Should be a perfect time for many shops to capitalize on what the public wants and demands to purchase for their vehicles.

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