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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Why do we ask competitors to put on decals at events??? DIESEL Motorsports

We get asked this quite often since we have so many sponsors!

The answer: We ask to put them on because that is who is putting the monies up for the purse monies!

What people don't understand is the amount of funds it takes to open the gates at an event and what the purse monies add up to for an event. Most events are $15-30,000 just for the purse monies. 

Sure you may get only $250 or $500 but add that up times 30-40 times on different scales. It all adds up to big money and the sponsor's funds we receive goes toward the purses. The gate monies pays for the overhead of the event, equipment, personnel and insurance.

Done Correctly!

So in order for the sponsor to get their name displayed on a vehicle we ask that the competitors put on the decals. We all know how much social media means in today's marketplace. If your truck is competing and a photo or video is taken by countless people in the crowd then it is displayed showing their name.

That is why they give us the monies is to advertise and market their name so they can sell product. If they didn't sell product why would they give our sport monies to give-away to competitors.

You can put them on the windows left or right or both and the back. They peel off easily if you do not want them on there but they do show you support the sport and you can compete with your truck. Since DIESEL Motorsports hold a monthly event from April till October you may want to leave them on if you plan to attend every event.

If you want to know why some trucks get featured all of the time? It's because they do come to DM events and they display the sponsor's decals properly in a nice orderly way on their truck. I have seen some just stick them in a blob on top of each other, we do not feature that truck even if it wins.
Wrong Way!

If you don't mind cashing our checks for competing then you shouldn't mind putting on our decals! Many other promoters pay weeks after the event or even months, DM pays right at the track 90% of the time unless someone takes off before collecting. That means you get your winnings as soon as you get to the bank.

Now think about how that is possible - the SPONSORS! Please support by displaying the decals and buying their products!

Old dog saying: Don't bite hand that feeds you, you may not get fed again!

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