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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Diesel performance is a rural sport . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

Across the Midwest from Nebraska to Pennsylvania in any rural town you will see our diesel enthusiasts in their lifted trucks sporting big wheels/tires, stacks/big exhaust and lots of power. It is a rural sport for a couple of reasons.

One, have you ever tried to drive and park downtown in a 21 foot truck that is tall? Many parking spaces at malls are not even measured to fit our trucks plus the underground garages do not allow our trucks in even if they fit.

Two, our enthusiasts use their trucks for work, play and even for their family activities. Whether it's farming, automotive, hauling or pulling a trailer they use their trucks all year long. Could they buy a smaller truck that gets better mileage? Sure they could but then they could not pull or haul what they need for work.

That is why DIESEL Motorsports holds all of our events in rural areas of the country. People who work and use their trucks for a living understand the loud running, sometimes smoke blowing diesel trucks that you find at our events.

You move the rural people and show to the big city and in the past there are many who do not understand the diesel lifestyle! In fact they are appalled by the smoke, noise and the large trucks that use lots of fuel.

With the current political status the smoky diesels are seen as a real negative in the cities even though the car exhausts(millions) are the reason for their pollution. But you can not see their exhaust but you can when a semi blows out a little smoke.

The EPA is being literally fueled by the OEMs not wanting diesel truck owners messing with their systems, even though it may be an improvement in performance and mileage. The OEMs want ALL changes to their vehicles(they have tried to get government to recognize it as their vehicle) done by their dealerships. Even though you have bought and own the truck they are claiming the technology and actual mechanical portion of the truck is theirs and cannot be changed because of Patent laws.

This has been overturned currently and would result in loss of MANY jobs and business considering the number of garages, part stores, distributors and private dealerships.

Yep the sport was started at rural fairgrounds and cities and that is where they understand the use and acknowledge the upgrades in performance in a diesel.

Can you move the sport to the masses in the city? 

Sure just be ready for the backlash of those who DO NOT KNOW what diesels are used for in today's business world.

See you at our events in the rural cities!

DIESEL Motorsports

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