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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rules for 2017 are posted - plus schedule!

NEW rules for pulling and racing are posted up on our web site - www.DIESELmotorsports.US!

This is always a huge effort by DM to grow the sport by making sure ALL sections, clubs and groups are covered in the diesel market for competition. It is always a controversy because each groups says their rules are the right way.

Well it may be for their area but not others so we have to mediate the in-between and provide rules that will work for everyone across the country.

Plus DIESEL Motorsports wants to grow the sport and this means not jumping on to new rules where enthusiasts have to spend more monies to compete. The more trucks that can afford the sport the more it will grow.

I got a call yesterday from a long 18 year old running competitor who sold all of his rig because he was tired of the expenses. I talked him into our NEW Hot work stock class where he can drive to the event and compete with a powerful truck. He loved the NEW class and voiced it was like it used to be years ago, drive there , pull and then go home!

Now when it comes to drag racing it is a lot easier because of the safety rules governed by SFI for IHRA/NHRA but the classes we have are developed for diesel trucks with special checklists for safety on these big trucks. IHRA/NHRA DO NOT have classes for diesels however I understand they are now getting concerned about the safety on their tracks.

Currently IHRA/NHRA run the trucks under the ET standards and DQ them as they break out from those guidelines. Most don't understand that does not happen at DIESEL Motorsports since we write the rules for competition.

DIESEL Motorsports currently is the only sanctioning body for diesel trucks for drag racing, the rest run under IHRA/NHRA rules and guidelines.

So check out the rules and make sure to make it to the events outlined on the web site!

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