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Monday, April 10, 2017

Is the diesel performance segment back on track with the new administration??? No EPA!

NO, no, and maybe easier . . .

No you can not pull up to an intersection and blow smoke all over a Prius or a group of people. Because of these kind of shenanigans the past administration along with many towns have made such actions a crime. Plus there are still many hold over people from the EPA who will continue to hound our diesel shops replacing the DPFs.

MAYBE with some common sense and about 1 year under the current administration the rural diesel market can relax back to the normal business of using trucks the way they should be used for work and pleasure.

I have already seen local advertisements on social media for DPF Delete kits, wrong thing to do since on the books it is a crime. If it is for a offroad performance upgrade then it would be deemed legal under the current laws.

Local cities and towns are not going to tolerate rollin coal all over people and intersections, just as they didn't tolerate the muscle cars burning out at intersections and racing on the streets. Even the so called Street Outlaw Races are not so outlaw anymore and being held at tracks.

Nobody in the near future is going to keep our performance market held back by regulations but they will want the true performance to be held at safe tracks and off of public streets. Always has been that way and if common sense is used both segments can get a long in an environment friendly world.

I do expect to see more American made parts for our performance industry due to new restrictions on imports which is good for our local diesel shops. It is time for our industry to mature and be part of the performance automotive industry instead of smoke blowing parties!

More on the smoke blowing part of our industry tomorrow . . .

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