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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Keeping your cool while running HOT! NEW SPAL fans for DIESELS!

I have seen many hot diesels run during racing or pulling and then they need to line up again for the next run or pass but their engine is too hot!

Only time can cool off the hot engine unless you have a very powerful fan system or separate cooling system. Having your truck run again before cool down can do damage to engine components or even engine failure.

Mounting a larger custom fan that does not fit your current fan shroud can be tricky but anyone with simple fabrication skills can change their fan setup with some NEW brushless fans that can bring unbelievable cooling power to your engine.

Many of the current fan applications fit current shrouds and they come with their own plug-in wiring, sensor and variable speed switch so you can turn it higher and higher for ultimate cooling effect.

Being brushless brings many advantages along with quiet and made for high speeds for long periods of time. These fans will literally knock you over if turned up all the way. I saw these at a trade show and asked if they had them for trucks?

They are OEM fans for Ferraris and Corvettes plus many other high-end vehicles. They have now configured these for our truck market and can be bought from different distributors for those who want to keep their high horse-power diesel cool running or during runs!

Available in a couple of configurations - 

300W - brushless - variable speed
10" to 16" - 1800-2400 CFM

500W - brushless - variable speed
14 & 16 fans - 2800 CFM

Complete wiring harness for plug-in ease along with sensors
Kit 185 FH & 196 FH

Designed to safely integrate 
with OEM wiring, our harness 
kits feature a waterproof 
40/50 Amp relay along with 
labeled wires which help to 
ease installation. 
Kits includes (1) - 3/8'' NPT (National Pipe Thread) and stainless steel switches with optional switched override capability. Kits are available with or without thermoswitch. Please note, the 185FH and 195FH kits are sold separately. 

These fans and kits can install on the trucks so you can have high-output for cooling while the truck is running or when engine is off so you can turn up the fans to full capacity to quickly cool the engine down.

FINALLY a high power fan for our high power trucks!

These can be purchased at:

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