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Friday, June 1, 2018

Everyone's truck is special to them . . DIESEL Motorsports!

I just came from a show in Muncie Indiana and again talked to many great people with their diesel trucks. Everything from high end to someone's personal project truck. People are proud of what they have done to their truck . . . period.

That is part of this sport that is so much fun is talking to others about what they have done to their trucks. That is why the events have become a social event as much as it is a competition event.

I am usually busy at these events trying to make sure everything is running but I do try and take time to listen to people when they talk about their truck.

From high-end engines to a local 12v Cummins truck that an enthusiast just started to work on as a project. They are all interesting to hear what they have done to their truck. I also pickup what products they have bought and where they have spent their monies for the build. Good information when I talk to our sponsors about product placement and what is selling.

I talked to a young man who was just beginning to compete with his truck in racing. He went down the track once and leaked which is a DQ from the track, he was quite upset as you can imagine since driving there was a 3 hour trip. I suggested he signup for the burnout competition since it does not matter if it leaked. He ended up winning the burnout competition and went home with prize money and a trophy! His truck was an old 12v Cummins very similar to mine but to him it was his competition truck, I'm glad he went home a winner.

I quit many years ago of visiting or commenting on the diesel forums because so much trash talk was to young enthusiasts who just wanted to talk about their trucks. Sometimes owners do not have the funding of others and can afford to work on their truck a little at a time and adding to it when they can. I try to encourage all diesel enthusiasts to be proud of what they have and take interest in what they are doing to their trucks . . .  high-end or lower end!

I guess many people did not have a momma who told them if you don't have something nice to say - DON'T say it!

See ya at the track or show!

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