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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

WINTER is TRUCK REBUILD time. . . DIESEL Motorsports!

By Larry "Gene" Mohney

Many of our competitors are already rebuilding their trucks for next season and refreshing the power plant inside of their trucks. The competitors take this time to evaluate their drivetrain and what they could do to it in order to get just little more out of the truck in order to win in racing or pulling.

Lighter is always better since having your truck lighter can get you extra tenths of seconds in racing or inches in pulling! I saw a puller this Summer eliminate one battery in his two battery setup with a new high-end battery I showed him with high amp rating so he could go to a one battery setup! Every pound helps when it comes to competition.

Cooler is always better than hotter in any motor sport so diesels is no different in the drivetrain. Double or triple the horsepower and your heat will go straight up on the temperature gauge if you use OEM existing equipment. Look for higher output water pump, radiator, intercooler and brushless fans (SPAL)! While at the PRI Show I featured a higher output Radiator, intercooler, oil cooler and fan shroud setup from Northern Radiator with adjustable thermostat harness that allows you to turn up or down the power. 

Reinforce the motor components such as the cams, pistons/rings, rods and studs when rebuilding the motor. I always recommend the long running companies who has invested many hours in research for performance parts such as ARP, Mahle gaskets/Mahle Pistons, Clevite, and Carrillo. Sure there are many one-off makers of custom parts but those are all new manufacturers that compete on a very cutting edge market. The companies I mentioned have been competing for many decades not years in performance. 

If in doubt about the metal qualities of a strong component you might consider Cryo treatment of the parts. This treatment is used by many in the gas performance world for strength under pressure! 

One of the biggest issues is not raising the bar in horsepower it is getting the horsepower to the pavement or track! Check and rework ALL aspects of the drivetrain, why would you not do this? You have just rebuilt the motor fresh so make sure the rest of the equation is freshened up too! 

There are many NEW options for tranny components by long standing companies who know our business. Before you take the final build to the track, take it to a business that can run it through dyno scenarios before stressing your new build whether it is engine, tranny or overall dyno service.

DIESEL Motorsports wants success for all of the builds and competitors!

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