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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Everyone is excited . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

As a date gets closer for a big event it's fun to hear the people get excited for the event. You get a feeling of satisfaction that what you have worked on for months is starting to come together and you start seeing some results.

The fans who come and watch does not know how many hours of preparation and how many people who have worked previous hours to make the event happen. They shouldn't know but many get the same feeling if they have ever planned a big event like a wedding. You work all of those hours preparing for it and in just a few hours it's over!

The same feeling goes into an event . . . the arranging of so many people, equipment, grounds, advertising and activities - it takes so many man hours!

I now ask for a year to plan for one of these new events, it takes that long to prep for a successful event.

There are some companies who do one big event per year and know how much they put into those events. DIESEL Motorsports does 8 shows out of 12 months and future plans are a show a month.

Some are bigger than others but they all plan on being big after a few years of promotion, planning and preparation. DIESEL Motorsports usually plans on about 15-20 additional personnel at the larger shows to make sure we can man each activity at the event.

As you get closer it's fun to watch as the fans and competitors start calling and emailing about the event. It gives us a feeling of satisfaction and even more when they start coming through the gates to have fun during the day.

Even our personnel loves the sport, yes they are doing a job but they do it to promote the sport. Most own their own diesel truck and work the shows because they enjoy the trucks and the people associated with the trucks.

You tend to hang with people who like what you like! DIESEL Motorsports is a lifestyle because of that very thing I just mentioned!

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