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Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to Market your Diesel business or shop?

I get asked about marketing or advertising for a diesel business or shop all of the time. First let's talk about the difference of marketing and advertising.

Marketing is the gathering of information surrounding your business, the products, the competition, the customers, and compiling this information to evaluate. You then take that information and devise a business plan for your business or shop.

Advertising is what you do with the information you gathered and reaching out to the customers that you seek that want your product or services.

I come across this process many years ago and it is quite simple but it does work. Seven easy steps to success in any business if you choose to work smart and hard at it everyday.

Seven keys to a successful business:

1. Focus on solutions for customers

2. Seek out ideal customers you enjoy being around

3. Be yourself - genuine

4. Brand your business every time - truck, invoices, envelopes, FB, internet, decals to customers, etc.

5. Articulate/explain what you do for customers

6. KISS (keep it simple selling) process, remember #1 over and over and over!

7. Self promotion - ask friends, family, FB, internet, shows, anyone who will listen, tell them your story!

Now repeat steps 1-7 everyday you get up and go to the shop or business. Being persistent or vigilant should be number 8 but that's another blog!

Yes, having your own business is hard work, who told you it would be easy!

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