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Friday, August 9, 2013

Exhaust for the street diesel? What works for you!

What makes a good exhaust for your diesel truck?

It all depends on what you are wanting out of your truck or what kind of setup you have on your truck for performance. Is it a truck for street use or strictly performance racing or pulling?

Let's talk about street trucks first since that is what most of us are driving. If you live in a state with strict emission laws then you need to follow state and local laws. If you live in a state where not much is required you can pretty well do what you want with the truck's exhaust.

I live in a state where there are not many restrictions so we can run straight pipes if you wish, however I run an enlarged turbo back system with a muffler and tip. Stacks are a nice added look but I did not want to cut holes in my truck bed and tonneau cover. More of a sleeper diesel truck with normal street use but yet can get into it when I want to or need it.

Another problem with stacks is it is hard to squeeze a muffler into the configuration and I drive too many highway miles to have the rumble behind my head for a long period of time. Same goes with a straight pipe setup, the drone in the cab is annoying after many hours of driving.

I hear the biggest problem with diesel's exhaust is not the loud noise but the constant drone while driving long trips. Some tell me it is so bad they cannot talk or hear each other inside the cab. Even with some industry mufflers installed they tell me the drone is bad!

I have known about a solution for this problem for about five years - there are only two mufflers on the market that removes the drone in a diesel using large turbo back exhaust! One is really expensive and made in Ohio, so if $500 for a muffler doesn't scare ya then it's the one that will not impede performance and cut the drone sound.

The other is from our title sponsor Flowmaster, the Pro Series muffler available in 4 and 5 inch for around $140-160 depending on where you buy it.

We dynoed this muffler 5 years ago at Danville Performance in IN and found just by cutting off the old muffler and putting on the Pro series the Duramax cut out the drone and picked up 32 HP at the wheels! 

It's the internal design that makes it a perfect fit for the diesel engine, too much out flow hurts the performance even though most guys will tell you straight pipes work the best. We found this on a dyno not to be the case, now regular mufflers actually do produce too much back pressure but the Pro Series adds just enough back pressure that increases the HP and torque.

PLUS no more drone in the cab! They are not pretty but they do work and Flowmaster has them partnered on every diesel exhaust kit for trucks from 98.4 to 2007! From 2007.5 to current they are one of the few companies who has DPF back kits that will improve performance!

So for the average guy with a diesel truck who drives a lot on the street the Flowmaster Pro Series Muffler is one to consider!

I don't know about you but if the boss lady says she won't ride in the truck because she can't talk to ya, ya better get it fixed because we all know who the boss is in the end!

Oh yea and made in the USA, not many can say that, in fact hardly any in the diesel exhaust industry!

If you have noticed we try and encourage use of US made products since that is where most of us get jobs!

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