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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Following the rules . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

DIESEL Motorsports are governed by a set of rules that are written for fairness across the board for all competitors in every state. They are written broad because we get so many complaints that local shops, clubs or manufacturers change the rules to fit their customers or equipment.

We have been asked on several occasions to change our rules for equipment in exchange for funding or favorites in the industry. They have all been turned down in order to keep a fairset of rules for the sport. Many of the new people in the sport do not know just 10 years ago many tracks and tractor clubs told the diesel trucks to go away, they could not run.

DIESEL Motorsports cannot just change our rules at a drop of the hat either, we are governed by SFI and the insurance companies. WE can only submit once a year to change our rules and classes in January and they remain the same for another year. That is why we are different than the other promoters who change the rules at anytime running under someone else's rules - that promoter is called an Alternate Sanctioning Body or ASO.

DIESEL Motorsports is a true sanctioning body for diesels. How important is that today?

Not important to many competitors because the more rules there are the safer and more equipment they have to buy for their trucks in order to run. When an accident does happen it is good to know you are covered by insurance and protected though. To sponsors it's very important to know they are covered for liabilities surrounding the sport in all aspects.

When competitors don't follow the rules they always try and make us out as the bad guys, happens with NHRA and IHRA too! Human nature is funny when one does wrong is to shift the blame to someone else - shift the focus to someone else no matter what!

There is always one or two out of line people who scream the loudest and expect the attention will get them vindicated.

Let me ask? When a child is throwing a fit acting badly in a candy store do you give them the candy?

I know what I got as a child, what about you?

DIESEL Motorsports has to take a stand against such people even though it may cost us or we look/sound like the bad guys. We must enforce the rules no matter how minor they sound how slight someone tried to cheat the rules in order to gain some extra edge in competition.

That is why we don't respond to raving unfairness on the Internet forums about our actions, nor do we respond to people making wild claims that we are the bad guys in the industry. We can't be about one person, we are about the masses and fair to all who compete. We strive to satisfy many and not just one person who thinks they are important.

Call or email us and we will respond about the rules in a fair fashion, if we don't reply to fit your needs we are sorry but DIESEL Motorsports is here to service the sport and not individuals.

We let our actions show how fair we are to the competitors, when we say we are going to pay purses for certain classes then we pay those people at each event! WE offer refunds to competitors when others don't when inclement weather hits, and we in many cases pay full purses when not enough trucks show to compete.

We are here for the sport which means all of you, and yes all of you are important to us, as long as the rules are followed.

It's a business with many people we have to answer to for many different reasons and it can't be about just one person! Please read the rules for safety, competition and sportsmanship, they apply to all diesel owners who compete.

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