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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Falling into Fall . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

This time of the year all of the diesel competitors are working to keep their trucks together in order to complete their points series for local pulling clubs or associations. Drag racers know they have a couple of events left so they too are trying to keep their rigs together.

After a long season of competing the parts on their trucks are strained from the torque and pressure applied to them during hard runs down the tracks. You will see a lot more failures during this time period and a lot of unexpected wins from others because some of the top truck's components are failing.

I tell competitors all of the time, sure you have a chance against a long time winner or more powerful truck, those trucks can always break and put them out in front of the competition. It's always a toss up, that's why they call it competition!

You never know unless you give it a try and compete. We have had many first time competitors win the entire race or pull in their class.

What I am saying is it's anybody's game come Fall and it's a perfect time to come and compete. Plus look at the cooler days and nights, beats competing in 100 degree temperatures.

For all of the diesel shops, it's a perfect time to repair the trucks getting them ready for Fall competition or the Winter months that will be here quicker than we want!

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