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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WORLD RECORDS . . . the right way . . . DIESEL Motorsports!

What makes a WORLD RECORD?

Running down the track once and claiming a fastest or best time for the class?

Taking a race ticket from your local track and posting it on the Internet?

Not with DIESEL Motorsports! As a sanctioning body we do it the right way in order to hand out legitimate records. Records that mean something and will stand for many years until someone breaks them.

You must run twice within 1% of the time or speed record you are trying to achieve or the slower time or speed will be the record for that class. Yes, you run twice the same day and event that is sanctioned.

DIESEL Motorsports has opened the World Records up this year with awards being available in ET Bracket Racing, Quick Diesel (12.0 Index), Pro Stock (speed/time), and Top Diesel (speed).

We have always kept speed and times for each class together until this year and now competitors can run for these records separately.

The last time to make these World Records come true this year for the competitors are at Norwalk Ohio September 21 at Summit Raceway Park.

Even a street truck with good reaction times and closet to their Estimated Time can win this title on Saturday September 21st along with a $1000 1st place cash purse.

This could be a very interesting race with some big upsets, or surprises!

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