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Friday, September 13, 2013

What's a Sanctioning Body for motor sports?

I have covered this in the past but people still are amazed when I tell them what makes NADM/DIESEL Motorsports different than the other two diesel groups.

We are governed by rules from SFI and the insurance companies as a licensed sanctioning body for diesel motor sports. DIESEL Motorsports has our own techs, rules, classes and insurance when we put on an event at any facility.

One of the other groups is a ASO (Alternate Sanctioning Organization) and the other is just a promoter, either way they have to use NHRA or IHRA techs, insurance, rules and classes. Since NHRA/IHRA has no classes for diesels then they let them run under ET or speed exhibition under their SFI/insurance rules but it only covers the track for liability.

That is why we cannot change our rules or classes at the drop of a hat or during the year. We turn in changes once a year in January which gets approved by SFI and turned over to the insurance companies.

Our techs follow those rules fairly close and makes for some unhappy competitors sometimes but guess who is the first to yell insurance if something goes bad? We do it for everyone's safety and longevity for the sport.

NADM/DIESEL Motorsports carries the same levels of insurance as a full blown NHRA race or event. Our sponsors know they are covered for liability, that is important in today's world of litigation.

In many ways the other promoters can get away with a lot regarding truck's safety because NHRA/IHRA techs do not know what to look for in diesels and many times don't care as long as they don't go fast. Plus they can change classes or rules monthly if they wish in order to satisfy local diesel shops or businesses. Even records do not have to be verified using track techs since legally they do not have classes for diesels.

NADM/DIESEL Motorsports is trying to do it the right way in order for the sport to progress in the future into mainstream America. Does it hold us back some with competitors, yes but it helps us with large sponsors who want it done right.

This was the vision of the originators of diesel motor sports since many cannot remember when local tracks and fairs would not let diesel trucks compete because of safety issues. It has come a long way in 13 years and we are striving to keep it safe and competitive for the future - DIESEL Motorsports!

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