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Thursday, September 12, 2013

DIESEL Motorsports is a small community in a big country . . .

. . .  and we are all connected! It's like the automotive industry in the US, it may seem big but we all know each other and are well connected through years of contacts and reputations.

In fact one of the industries with a good ole boy network still exists in the auto industry. Many will deny it with new technology but all that did was make the news move faster within our industry.

Same goes for the diesel truck industry, we are all connected whether you like it or not and your actions will be remembered by many for many years. That's just business as usual within a industry that struggles every year for bigger dollars.

Will anything change in our rural communities where DIESEL Motorsports originated? Highly unlikely in the near future, there are too many county fairs with a long history of having sled pulls. Tractors or trucks they are a part of Americana that will not go away and it's a lifestyle.

Diesel trucks is rural America whether you have a truck for work or pleasure. They are used by young and old with many trucks being passed down through the family or relatives.

The people is what makes the diesel community unique and the lifestyle we live. We are connected all over the country through Facebook, cell phones/texting, Twitter, and the internet. I communicate with people and do business with them daily but yet have never met them.

All done through communication and social media DIESEL Motorsports is moving into Mainstream America by natural progression.

As we progress into the future DIESEL Motorsports meets many new friends and reacquaints with old old friends to build a base of diesel friendly fans and competitors.

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