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Monday, August 26, 2013

What are we looking for in Diesel Performance???

I think most people are looking for their street trucks is a little more power when they need it and better fuel economy all of the time!

We use our trucks for hauling, pulling and most use them for work. Some use them for recreation which involves pulling a boat, trailer or ATVs.

What ever the use we are all looking for a way to customize our truck for a personal look plus the performance.

However, we look to the track for the enjoyment of seeing how far someone else can take the diesel engines in performance. What most people don't understand is the trucks on the tracks do smoke but for a short amount of time and they are trailered there by completely street legal diesels.

What gives us a bad name or rap is the young kids who smoke-out the intersections and thinks it is funny when they smoke a small car. Yes we are all foolish when we are young but this is what gets reported to the local authorities and relayed to the EPA.

Well we all know what the EPA did to the tuning companies this Spring and Summer, so do we continue to flaunt it or be smart and take it to the track. What we do on the track is legal as long as you de-tune before leaving!

So to further advance diesel technology for the streets we need to look to the professionals who are building the trucks for performance on the track.


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