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Monday, October 20, 2014

So what's next for diesels . . . ???

It's the end of the year and everyone is asking about next year???

DIESEL Motorsports schedule will stay about the same with maybe one or two small changes but our bigger events will remain the same with the same dates or weekends. Tracks have already been secured, and sponsors are already in place with multi-year agreements locking in those who are serious about progressing the sport for future years.

There may be some changes in the rules for different classes in racing and pulling but those will be announced in January along with our schedule and new sponsors for 2015.

We may add or enhance a couple of diesel classes, but we are still taking suggestions. I am getting more and more request to display diesel trucks at trade shows so I will be looking for professional race and pulling teams who want to display at shows.

As we take the sport into mainstream the rules, insurance and creditability will need to be in place and enforced at events, large companies do not want unruly or liabilities from events as a problem. Overall family events with good competition from professional teams mixed with street trucks who buy the sponsor's products.

As of to date the National Association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only sanctioning body for drag racing and pulling for diesel trucks and automobiles. That means we have our own insurance, rules and diesel techs for safety. Everyone else has to use NHRA or IHRA rules, insurance and classes for an event. Of course the NHRA and IHRA does not have diesel classes so they run them under exhibition or time runs with no records.

Does it matter to diesel enthusiasts? Only if you want to be considered a professional team using the proper sanctioning body for the sport, if it's just for fun then it really doesn't matter to most.

DIESEL Motorsports just wants to do it the right way so we can say it is an official sanctioning body with real rules, safety, insurance and our own diesel techs.

It makes us sleep a little easier each night knowing everything is in place to protect us, the sponsors, the competitors and the fans who bring their families to events.

Look for some new announcements in the up coming months, we have a lot planned for the next couple of years!

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