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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Nebraska Diesel Show Report - FYI

Nebraska Diesel Show held in Kearney NE at the Kearney Raceway on Saturday and Sunday was the first DIESEL ONLY event held in Nebraska with GREAT results! 

This is a 7 year old show with a group of nice young diesel enthusiasts called the Nebraska Diesel Show, they wanted to partner with DIESEL Motorsports along with the Kearney Raceway Park. Saturday's activities included grade match drag racing between the diesel trucks which gave them a chance to challenge each other with their trucks on the track. DIESEL Motorsports held a ET Bracket class at the end of the day with over 35 trucks competing in the race and over 100 trucks raced during the day.

Also two different dynos were operating with trucks on both all day long on Saturday and Sunday competing for the highest numbers for Ford, Dodge and GM. Mothers Show-N-Shine washed during Saturday and the winners are listed below with some great trucks including the Mothers Best of Show a 2011 Ford F350/converted to Excursion with full interior fabrication turning the vehicle into a real Ford 2011 Excursion that is a modified diesel.

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank the local NDS members and the Kearney Raceway Staff and owners for making us feel welcome plus providing a great crowd to watch the activities. Winners are listed below:

Saturdays Race: 
1st Place Curtis Nelson - 2006 Ford
2nd Derek Weeder - 2006 Chevy

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Christopher Lieber
2011 F350 Ford converted to Excursion

Best Ford and Popular Vote
Elliott Hawkens
2002 Ford F350

Best Other/Collectible
James Knight
1961 F100/5.9 Fummins

Best Dodge
Zachery Leach
2009 2500 Baja

Best GMC/Chevy
Josh Follmer
2008 Chevy 2500

Sunday Sled Pulling
Winners 2.5, 
1st Colbi Seth 306.06, 
2nd, Levon Reiff 287.08 - 

2.6 Winners, 
1st Bryan Banghart 299.04, 
2nd Ryan Bower 296.07, 
3rd Jesse Knight 291.02, 
4th Levon Reiff 286.07, 
5th Nathan Bridgeman 286.05 - 

3.0 winners 
1st Cole Nadrechel 289.08, 
2nd Nathan Bridgeman 285.02 - 

Workstock winners 
1st Chandler Uldrich 287.00, 
2nd James Knight 243.01

A great weekend with lots of trucks and everyone enjoying the diesel lifestyle in Kearney NE

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