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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rules Rules and more changes in Rules - not DIESEL Motorsports!

I get calls all the time about what changes are being made to our rules?  DIESEL Motorsports has not had any major changes for over 8 years! The only changes that have been made are for safety through the SFI group and occasional equipment upgrades after conferring with the state groups and competitors.

As an association for the sports we need to make the rules work for groups across the country and not just one group who wants to sell more parts. The belief when we started this was a universal set of rules so competitors could travel state to state to compete without worry of being DQed for equipment.

This gets more people into the sport and more competitors to show up at your events since they don't have to worry about changing rules.

Different groups change the rules so they can sell their parts, make sure their trucks have a better chance wining and it is all about the dollars.

DIESEL Motorsports does not sell parts, we encourage all trucks to compete and we actually spend our dollars promoting local groups through sponsorship, marketing and promotions for their events.

We have been asked many times to sell parts or do our own web site but that does not help the local shops. DIESEL Motorsports wants the local shops to sell the parts to their customers. We want them to bring their customer's trucks to our events knowing they have a fair chance to win the purse monies.

If you change the rules every year then competitors who cannot afford the changes will drop out of the competitions. Then the numbers get smaller and smaller in the upper classes. When the numbers get smaller then the purses get smaller. It's a downward spiral that does not end in a positive direction.

DIESEL Motorsports wants all who want to compete to spend what they can to enjoy the sport, it is a rural sport for all who want to own a diesel that can compete every year without spending thousands to keep up with the rules.

It's hard enough to add more to compete with new technology in order to win but to purposely change the rules to make competitors upgrade only lessens our numbers.

DIESEL Motorsports wants to expand the market base and competitors, that is why we support local groups with funding, marketing and exposure.

Ask yourself if the other groups are giving to local diesel groups in order to expand the sports? We have been giving to local groups for over 8 years spending thousands of dollars to try and expand diesel motor sports!

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